Users Mailing List

The Einstein Toolkit Consortium is aiming to cultivate a self-supporting and open community and we encourage you to write to the mail list with your questions about the use of the toolkit or browse its archive.

Commits Mailing List

Commits to most version control repositories within the Einstein Toolkit are announced to the mailing list

Cactus mailing lists

Traditionally the Einstein Toolkit has focused on Cactus based codes and subscribing to the various Cactus mailing lists may be useful.

Bug Tracker

Issues (bugs, wish-list items, tasks) are recorded in a database. There they can be discussed, flagged, and assigned to developers. Don't hesitate to report problem you might have found: reporting problems is the first step in helping to solve them using our bug tracker.


IRC is another way to get support maybe even faster and more interactively. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet text messaging, mainly centered about group communication in discussion forums, called channels.

Cactus and the Einstein Toolkit at the moment share one such channel for discussions among developers: #cactus on, the IRC server of the Open and Free Technology Community (OFTC). Chat logs and statistics are available. You can even use your web-browser to join.

IRC Clients are available for virtually every operating system. is another way to get support maybe even faster and more interactively. We are currently exploring using the channel EinsteinToolkit/EinsteinToolkit on as a modern replacement for IRC. No client is needed though native clients for common OS exists and support for using an IRC client via is provided. You will need either a GitHub or Twitter account to use it.

Weekly Calls

The Einstein Toolkit holds a weekly, public call to discuss various items coming up while developing, using and releasing the toolkit. Everyone is invited to join, may it only be to listen in. The scheduled time for this call is 9:00am (central US time) every Thursday. Please see the weekly agenda for call in instructions and topics to be discussed.


Minutes of the meetings are posted to as well as to the agenda wiki page.